Avast Vs Webroot – Which is Better?

Avast and Webroot are two of the largest antivirus software providers. Both offer excellent tools and customer service to answer user questions. Both have extensive FAQ pages, and premium customers can also submit unlimited support tickets. Avast’s site offers troubleshooting options and answers to common questions, while Webroot’s support team can be reached via social media, telephone, or live chat.

Another important aspect is the user interface of security suites. The easier and more intuitive the interface is, the better it is for the user. Both Avast and Webroot have simple interfaces that are simple to use, and they both have a wealth of tutorials and “learn more” buttons.

Both security suites offer an adequate level of malware protection, and both of them protect Macs as well as Android devices. However, Avast has a more complete set of features including the management of passwords and multi-device protection as well as multi-device protection. Webroot has a simpler version that only offers anti-virus and malware protection.

Winner: Avast

Avast is the clear winner in this category. It has the best malware-protection, according to the most recent reviews by AV Comparatives and SE Labs. Webroot however, didn’t participate in these evaluations and scored just average in previous tests. This is likely because Webroot’s unique testing techniques aren’t consistent with the way independent test labs evaluate antivirus programs. For example, Webroot puts malware samples in a virtual setting to test their behavior, which can skew the results of certain tests.

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